What does a contractor do?

The Orchestra Contractor

  • serves as liaison between musicians and purchaser
  • collects instrumentation,  rehearsal, and performance schedules from the purchaser for distribution to musicians
  • contacts the musicians and distributes scheduling information  for each service set to them according to instrumentation provided
  • collects required payroll paperwork for purchaser
  • serves as (or designates) on-site leader to ensure that players and purchaser adhere to AFM rules throughout service set
  • submits payroll  and pension payment information to purchaser and assures timely distribution of payment to musicians  and AFM (pension)

It is the responsibility of the orchestra contractor to see that musicians are found, hired, and brought into the studio or stage to perform. Much of their work relies on their extensive contacts and voluminous lists of every reputable musician playing common and not-so-common instruments. Selection of the most talented, congenial, and appropriately skilled musicians is the main duty of the orchestra contractor, who is often faced with very specific requests by composers and directors.

Because intimate knowledge of the music industry is required, it is extremely beneficial to the orchestra contractor to be able to tell a good musician from a bad one, a high-maintenance performer from an easygoing one, and they must know and tend to all the contract obligations of the American Federation of Musicians. 

Litchfield County Choral Union       Norfolk, CT

Jane serves as the orchestra contractor for several musical organizations, as well as per-service  groups.

She has also provided musicians for:


Hale Museum and Hale House in Charlestown, RI

Central Congregational Church in Providence, RI

ERAPPA conference 2015 Providence, RI

St. Georges School Prize Day  Middletown, RI

Jane Murray

Chorus of Westerly    Westerly, RI