"Thank you so much for the body mapping class yesterday at Double reed day at NEC! 

After your lecture, I spent the entire afternoon  in Williams Hall at the double reed day, 
and I made sure to sit on my rocker bones and balance my head, and my back and body did not
get tired or painful for all those classes and I stayed  until 5 PM!"              Carol K.

RI Philharmonic oboist and Andover Educator Jane Murray has studied Body Mapping for the past eight years, after seeking a solution to years of pain from playing English horn.  With the unique perspective of 15  years  experience as a gymnastics coach,  she understands  anatomy and body mechanics, and uses that knowledge to apply the principals of Body Mapping for musicians of all genres.


  • What is a body map? 

Our body map is the mental representation of how we are put together and how we move. Everyone has one, whether they are conscious of it or not. Your body map determines  how you use your body.

  • What is Body Mapping?

Body Mapping is the practical application of anatomy to movement. In a Body Mapping session, students learn how the bones, muscles, tendons, nerves and joints work together to perform an action, and how this applies to the movements of singing or playing an instrument.

  • How is Body Mapping helpful for musicians?

Music students learn to question their own concept of how they are designed (their body map) and, armed with the anatomical truth of size, structure, and function, learn how correcting inaccurate maps improves facility, ease and efficiency of playing and singing.  Another component of Body Mapping is teaching inclusive awareness so that the student is aware of their whole self within the larger world. This information can be extremely valuable for those who deal with performance anxiety.


  • How can I get started?​

Body Mapping can be taught through individual private lessons, where students can address specific issues of pain or limitation, in a (group) workshop format, using PowerPoint and anatomical models, or by taking the introductory course called  What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body or WEM. It includes five hour-long  presentations discussing the anatomical truth in Arms, Legs, Breathing,  and Balance, and also addresses the value of Inclusive Awareness in re-training movement, and introduces Constructive Rest.

To schedule a private Body Mapping lesson, or a workshop for your studio or group call me at 401-595-7676, or email me at 


Jane Murray

​​Jane is a licensed Andover Educator who has presented classes and workshops for the International Double Reed Society and the Boston Woodwind Society, at Double Reed Days at UMass Amherst and SUNY Purchase, and at URI, Providence College and Rhode Island College.  

To learn more about Body Mapping, go to

 Body Map.org

"Before Body Mapping, I spent several years trying to figure out why I was experiencing back pain. Jane's systematic approach led me to consider the many possible sources of the pain. With the awareness I gained from Body Mapping, I became more conscious of when pain was creeping up during my practice. Through this consciousness, I was soon able to identify and correct the source of the pain. I Just finished two days of 8-hour recording sessions. NO BACK PAIN...at all. You are my hero.. "                       Paul C.